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       Viewin Investment 

At Viewin Investment, we are committed to driving our success by creating and nurturing businesses that are foundational to the economy of the future.

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Since launching Viewin Investment in 2015, our journey has seen us rapidly expand, now encompassing hundreds of employees across multiple companies.

There’s never been a better time to build


We buy wonderful businesses.

We get excited when we see value. That's why we dedicate the full resources of our firm to every investment we make.


Assets Under Management 

All figures as of September 30, 2023 
​unless otherwise indicated.


 Build strong businesses

Viewin Capital has an excellent track record of helping entrepreneurs increase stakeholder value by providing the right amount of capital in the form of debt or equity. We focus mainly on businesses that can benefit from our mentorship and expertise - we want to share our playbook for success with hungry overachievers with a need-to-win attitude.


Build financial security

We work with management and owners directly to identify and understand value creating goals and objectives. We then facilitate the resulting strategic plan by either investing directly or indirectly through our network of Private Equity, VCs and high net-worth individuals.


Institutional quality

Viewin Investment is dedicated to help management execute their strategy beyond the initial transaction closing date. As a partner, you gain access to our experience, our network of associates, and the Viewin investment financial structure formula.


Institutional Quality for Individual Investment Partner

Since 2015, we have initiated, invested in, or acquired more than 11 companies. While we occasionally engage in minority and venture investments, our current focus predominantly lies on acquiring majority stakes.

​Invest with us

Viewin technologies and innovation growth Fund (VTIGF)

Viewin Private Partner Credit Fund (VPCRED)

Investing involves risks, including loss of capital.

We like to buy businesses that have

Occasionally, we have the fortunate opportunity to acquire a truly outstanding business characterized by a competitive moat, capable of compounding its revenue and earnings. Our approach centers on preserving the business's legacy while fostering continual growth. These opportunities are rare, surfacing only every few years, but when they do, we seize them with determination.


High margins


High-quality team


Simple and sustainable
business model

         We investing in Ai


Healthy profit





We own some wonderful businesses.

Each business operates independently,  guiding  by Viewin Advisory Service and with its own management and finance teams. 


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